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Επιλογή Σελίδας

The Laboratory for Electric Energy Systems of the Department of Electrical Engineering Educators, at the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE), was established in response to the educational needs of ASPETE students. The laboratory affords the suitable equipment for covering all the educational and research needs evolving from the production, transportation and distribution of electric energy and supports the following courses and activities:

· Electric Energy Systems Ι

· Electric Energy Systems ΙΙ

· Computational Methods for Electric Energy Systems

· Dissertations

· Research activities: participation in European programs, with more recent, the participation in the sponsored European program, SEETSOC (launched in January 2010, cooperation of 15 Educational Institutions and Power Transmission System Operators)

The Laboratory for Electric Energy Systems

· Maintains a Quality System

· Is certified with ISO 9001 for: a) Testing, control and measurements of electric installations according to the ELOT S.A. Standard, HD 384 and b) Development of specialized seminars for the training of Electrical Engineers and Electricians to perform tests, control and measurements in electric installations.