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Graduate Professional Rights

About Professional Rights of the Graduates of the Department of EHM & EHM

The Tm. ΕΗΜ & ΕΗΜ that came from the merger of the Departments of Electrical Teachers and Electronics Teachers of ASPAITE, in September 2013, as a consequence of the ATHENS Plan for Education (Government Gazette 135 / 5-6-2013), with two distinct introductory directions / of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering, gives degrees, after the completion of a five-year course of study, equivalent and corresponding to those of the respective Technological Specialties of TEI.

The Department that emerged from the merger has the cognitive object of its directions. The graduates of the Department, depending on the specialty, receive a different Degree:

a) Educational Electrical Engineer and Electrical Engineer.

b) Educational Electronic Engineer and Electronic Engineer.

The graduates of the Department of EHM & EHM, as Electrical Engineers TE or Electronic Engineers TE have the same professional rights as the corresponding specialties of TEI. Upon graduation, they can enroll in the Scientific Association of Technological Training of Engineers (EETEM) (http://www.eetem.gr) according to the statute of the Union.