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Studies Plan

Study Program Curriculum of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Electrictronic Engineering Educators

The courses of the Department Curriculum are divided into the following categories:

MGY: General Infrastructure Courses (20-30% of all courses)
MEY: Special Infrastructure Courses (25-40% of all courses)
WITH: Specialty Courses (25-35% of all courses)
DONA: Courses in Administration, Economics, Legislation and Humanities (10-20% of all courses) of the University

The courses are also divided into theoretical and mixed. A theoretical course includes hours of theory (Θ) or theory and practice (Θ + ΑΠ), while a mixed course consists of theoretical (Θ or Θ + ΑΠ) and laboratory (Ε).

The Credits (CU) that correspond to each course amount to 30 per semester of study and are distributed in proportion to the Workload (FE) of the respective semester.

Studies Plan

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