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Studies & Degree

The Department of Electrical Engineering Educators provides concurrent technological and pedagogical education in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and promotes applied research. The Degree issued by the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Educators of ASPETE qualifies its holders to teach in the corresponding discipline in secondary education. It also qualifies them to work as engineers in the corresponding discipline, with professional rights equivalent to those of TEIs (Technological Education Institutions). The Degree bears both titles, that of the educator and that of the engineer. It is awarded following the completion of a course of study of ten academic semesters including the submission of a graduation thesis and a six-month engineering work placement in the field (Article 29, Law 4186/2013/FΕΚ 193 issue Α΄/17-9-2013).

Admission to the Department of Electrical Engineering Educators of ASPETE is possible through the procedures specified by the system regulating entrance to tertiary education in Greece, which entails national examinations held in the last year of Lyceum.

Degree Programme Content & Structure
The content of the degree programme integrates theory and practice in both aspects of the School’s twofold orientation, i.e. the pedagogical and the technological. The programme is delivered through a variety of teaching methods including formal lectures, laboratory and workshop tutorials, fieldwork and projects. The balance between theory and practice is further enhanced by various extra-curricular activities ranging from special topic seminars and panel discussions to educational visits and trips.

Each subject is assessed separately by means of assignments and mid-term exams (progress-tests), as well as formal examinations at the end of each semester. A grading scale from 0 to 10 is used, with 5 being the lowest passing grade. A student with a failing final grade in a subject is entitled to resit the second examination period of the corresponding semester.

Degree Award – Diploma Supplement
The degree is awarded following the successful completion of a course of study of ten academic semesters (300 ECTS), including the submission of a thesis, the successful completion of teaching practice sessions, and a six-month practical work experience in the field. As from June 2008, all Department’s graduates receive a Diploma Supplement (DS) which follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. The DS is issued both in Greek and in English, automatically and free of charge.