210 2896736 – 210 2896750 elecengedu@aspete.gr

The IT & Networks Laboratory of ASPETE consists of three rooms located two on the first floor of the new laboratories building and one in the basement of the main building next to the Network Management Center.

The rooms of the Laboratory of Informatics & Networks, located in the building of the new laboratories, have 16 jobs and the corresponding peripheral equipment, while the room located in the basement of the main building has 12 jobs.

All rooms have a structured cabling installation and a local network of 10 / 100BaseT Ethernet computers and star topology. In the local network of each room, all the jobs are connected through a switch and they have the possibility to communicate with each other and with the backbone network of the School. Various operating systems such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and the corresponding software for teaching the courses are installed in the computers of the Computer & Network Lab.

The Informatics & Networks Laboratory supports at the undergraduate level all the technological departments as well as the needs of the pedagogical courses and the general courses department. Specifically taught:

  • Use of Computers in all departments
  • Programming in the departments of Electronics Teachers and Engineering Teachers
  • Mathematics in all department
  • Plan in the departments of Engineering Teachers, Educational Structures and Educational Infrastructur
  • Pedagogical computer applications in all department

Laboratory manager: Spyros Panetsos, Associate Professor

Telephone: 210 2896940

e-mail: spanetsos@aspete.gr