210 2896736 – 210 2896750 elecengedu@aspete.gr

The Electrical Machinery Laboratory covers the educational needs of the department of electrical engineering of ASPETE in the field of Electrical Machines and in particular in the laboratory consolidation of theoretical knowledge and the acquisition of skills related to the use of machines, devices and instruments.

The laboratory supports at the undergraduate level the subject of Electrical Machines which includes:

DC Electric Motors (generators – motors)
Transformers (single-phase-three-phase)
AC Electric Machines (asynchronous – synchronous).

The equipment of the laboratory includes machines, devices and instruments of the most modern technology (PLC, INVERTER, energy analyzers, digital instruments, etc.)

Laboratory Manager: Leonidas Dritsas (Assistant Professor)

Telephone: 210 2896 758 (Laboratory) and 210 2896 736 (Department Secretariat)

e-mail: dritsas@aspete.gr