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The Electrical Installation Laboratory consists of two rooms located in the old building complex of the laboratories.

In the first room, the older one, located in the basement of the building, laboratory exercises are carried out mainly in simple electrical installations of houses, and in the new room located on the ground floor, laboratory exercises in industrial automation and installation of electric motors, phototechnical studies, etc.

The Electrical Installation Laboratory for the education of students has eight jobs for the construction of a real electrical installation, under scale in small rooms, as well as the appropriate tools, instruments and materials. Students for each laboratory course before dealing with the respective construction, prepare the corresponding study, perform the necessary calculations and design the facility for each case, homes, industries, weak currents, weak currents, high power installations, grounding, etc.).

The workshop also supports the education of students and the preparation of dissertations on:

Study and design of Electromechanical Installations with the Fine-M program of 4M.
Collection and processing of measurements with the Lab-view program.
Phototechnical studies with the programs Calculux by Phillips, Silicht by Siemens 3F Fillippi, Iguzzini, Photopia etc.

Industrial situation illustration with Wizcom project

To support the above there is the necessary Hardware PLC, A / D cards, PC, digital instruments etc.

More information is available at the following link: http://www.ehe-aspete.gr/

Laboratory Manager: Giannis S. Tsakirakis (Professor of Applications)

Telephone: 210 2896825, 210 2896822


Laboratory Collaborators: Stratis Tsitsiridis, Nikos Kimoulakis

Special Technical Staff: Dimitris Giannopoulos