210 2896736 – 210 2896750 elecengedu@aspete.gr

The Laboratory of Electricity Systems of the Department of Electrical Teachers was set up to meet the educational needs of ASPETE students.

The Laboratory has the appropriate equipment to meet the educational and research needs of the subject of production, transmission and distribution of electricity and supports the following courses and activities:

  • Electricity Systems I
  • Electricity Systems II
  • Computational Methods of Electricity Systems
  • Theses
  • Research activities
  • European programs, being most recently its participation in the European funded SEETSOC program (starting January 2010, consortium of 15 educational institutions and Transmission System Operators).

The Laboratory of Electricity Systems of ASPETE:

  • maintains a quality system
  • is certified according to ISO 9001 for: a) conducting tests, inspections and measurements of electrical installations according to the ELOT HD 384 Standard and b) conducting special learning seminars of these tests in Electrical Engineers and Installers.

Laboratory Manager: Lambros S. Economou (Assistant Professor)

Telephone: 210 2896927

website: http://eesl.aspete.gr

e-mail: leekonomou@aspete.gr, leekonom@gmail.com