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Department of Electronic Engineering Educators
School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (ASPETE)

Tel.: +30 210 2896-953
e-mail: slivieratos-at-aspete.gr


• 1992 : Dipl. Electrical Engineer, NTUA
• 1998 : PhD, Electrical Engineer, NTUA
• 2000 : MBA Executive, AUEB

Research Interests

• Propagation of electromagnetic waves through rain media
• Modelling of radio interference in the presence of fades
• Channel statistical modeling and applications in Earth Observation
• Copula functions and applications in physical prediction models

Teaching Interests

• Electric Circuits
• Electronic Measurements
• Electromagnetic Theory
• Techno-economic Analysis
• Telecommunication Regulation Issues
• Microwaves and Antennas
• Wireless Communications
• Satellite Communications

Selected Publications

1. S.N. Livieratos and J.D Kanellopoulos, Prediction of the Degradation of the carrier-to-noise plus interference ratio concerning a site diversity system suffering from differential rain attenuation, Radio Science, Vol. 37, 2002.
2. S.N. Livieratos and P.G. Cottis, Availability and Performance of single /multiple site diversity satellite systems under rain fades, European Transactions on Telecommunications, Vol. 12, No 1, Jan.-Feb., pp.55-65, 2001.
3. S.N. Livieratos, V. Katsabas and J.D Kanellopoulos, A Global Method for the Prediction of the Slant Path Rain Attenuation Statistics, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications (JEWA), Vol. 14, No 5, pp. 713-724, 2000.
4. S.N. Livieratos and J.D Kanellopoulos, Prediction of the Degradation of the carrier-to-noise plus total interference ratio statistics applied to frequency re-use satellite systems suffering from rain differential attenuation and cross-polarisation, Radio Science, Vol. 35, No 5, pp. 1085-1096, Sep.-Oct. 2000.
5. J.D. Kanellopoulos, S.N. Livieratos and C.N. Vazouras, Analysis of the Interference due to Differential Rain Attenuation Induced by an Adjacent path on a Double Site Diversity system using frequency re-use, Radio Science, Vol. 34, No 4, pp. 967-981, July-August 1999.
6. S.N. Livieratos, G. Ginis and P.G. Cottis, Availability and Performance of satellite links suffering from interference by an adjacent satellite and rain fades, IEE Proc. – Commun., Vol. 146, No 1, pp. 61-67, Feb. 1999.